Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your shipping costs and services?

All items are currently shipped only within the United States via USPS Ground at the following rates:

Qty Price
1 $2.95
2 $3.95
3 $4.95
4 $5.95
Q: What address do I send my silverware to for a custom made bracelet?

Please send all silverware to:


1104 Willow Ct.

Estes Park, CO 80517

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

Paypal is the only form of payment accepted at this time. You may still use paypal without creating an account which will allow the use of credit card or debit card.

Q: Why does my jewelry have some fine scratches?

We use antique silverware in our jewelry. This means that it has been used over time and therefore has scratches and possibly divots from wear and normal usage.

Q: I am buying multiple custom bracelets with charms, how will you know which charms to put on which bracelet?

We have made it easy for you! Upon checkout, there is a special link under each charm in the cart. Simply click on the link and print the charm and tape it to the silverware you are sending to us.

Q: Can I use stainless steel silverware?

No. Due to the characteristics of stainless steel silverware, we can not use it to make jewelry.

Q: What if I want to use my own silverware?

Absolutely you can use your own! Just choose the SilverWear bracelet and instructions will be provided.
*Make sure that your silverware is either sterling silver or silver plated.

Q: Can I use my own charm?

Definitely, but please contact us upon checkout to let us know.

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